We believe that our first duty is to those we serve, and that we must adapt our services to their wishes. In addition, we realize that there are few persons who can afford to ignore price, no matter what they are purchasing. Consequently, we offer a wide and representative selection, something proper and appropriate for any families need's, and at a price they can afford. Our continued pledge will be to make our services comprehensive, appropriate, and reasonable; constantly adhering to professional ethics and a code of unselfish service to our clients.

- C. William Stoodley

Recent Obituaries
John Fassett
d. 06/30/2015
Irene Mollenhour
d. 06/28/2015
Kenneth Makuch
d. 06/26/2015
G. Wendell Boice
d. 06/25/2015
Virginia Laird
d. 06/21/2015
Gordon Graves
d. 06/22/2015
Rosmond Meyer
d. 05/16/2015
Wilson Bolton
d. 06/12/2015
Donald Merritt
d. 06/06/2015
Helen Boothe
d. 06/08/2015
Marion O'Connor
d. 06/05/2015
James Trainham
d. 06/04/2015
Ronald Collins
d. 06/04/2015


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Photo of , John Fassett   06/30/2015
(No Photo Available) Robert "Bobby" Koster   06/28/2015
(No Photo Available) Irene Mollenhour   06/28/2015
Photo of , Kenneth Makuch   06/26/2015
(No Photo Available) G. Wendell Boice   06/25/2015
Photo of , Virginia Laird   06/21/2015
(No Photo Available) Gordon Graves   06/22/2015
(No Photo Available) Rosmond Meyer   05/16/2015
Photo of , Wilson Bolton   06/12/2015
Photo of , Donald Merritt   06/06/2015
Photo of , Helen Boothe   06/08/2015
Photo of , Marion O'Connor   06/05/2015
Photo of , James Trainham   06/04/2015
Photo of , Ronald Collins   06/04/2015
Photo of , Stephen Foley   06/03/2015
Photo of , Roy Heaslip, Jr.   05/31/2015
(No Photo Available) Eleanor Slye   05/31/2015
Photo of , Alfred Davis, Jr.   05/29/2015
(No Photo Available) Mildred Scott-Day   05/23/2015
Photo of , Frederick McDermott Jr.   05/24/2015
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