We believe that our first duty is to those we serve, and that we must adapt our services to their wishes. In addition, we realize that there are few persons who can afford to ignore price, no matter what they are purchasing. Consequently, we offer a wide and representative selection, something proper and appropriate for any families need's, and at a price they can afford. Our continued pledge will be to make our services comprehensive, appropriate, and reasonable; constantly adhering to professional ethics and a code of unselfish service to our clients.

- C. William Stoodley

Recent Obituaries
Janice Feneran
d. 08/22/2015
Michael Flitcroft
d. 08/19/2015
Naomi Gushlaw
d. 08/17/2015
Timothy Warner
d. 08/16/2015
Douglas Kellar
d. 08/07/2015
Kenneth Jones
d. 08/10/2015
Tracey Smith
d. 08/05/2015
Daniel Fobert
d. 08/06/2015
Keith Johnson
d. 08/04/2015
Eugene Brown
d. 08/03/2015
Robert Kelley, Sr.
d. 08/01/2015
Caroline Cummings
d. 07/31/2015
Sally Allen
d. 07/29/2015


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(No Photo Available) Brinley Gerstenschlager   08/20/2015
(No Photo Available) Janice Feneran   08/22/2015
Photo of , Michael Flitcroft   08/19/2015
Photo of , Naomi Gushlaw   08/17/2015
Photo of , Timothy Warner   08/16/2015
Photo of , Douglas Kellar   08/07/2015
Photo of , Kenneth Jones   08/10/2015
(No Photo Available) Tracey Smith   08/05/2015
Photo of , Daniel Fobert   08/06/2015
Photo of , Keith Johnson   08/04/2015
Photo of , Eugene Brown   08/03/2015
(No Photo Available) Robert Kelley, Sr.   08/01/2015
(No Photo Available) Caroline Cummings   07/31/2015
(No Photo Available) Sally Allen   07/29/2015
(No Photo Available) Lucretia Adair   07/25/2015
Photo of , Gordon Dobbin   07/24/2015
(No Photo Available) Henry Rogers   07/23/2015
Photo of , Robert Barbarito   07/21/2015
Photo of , Deloris Strejlau   07/19/2015
Photo of , Cindy Stewart   07/11/2015
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